Pass for foreign trucks on Moscow Ring Road

As explained in the Department of Transport - from July 1, 2021, all foreign trucks transiting from other countries must have the pass to enter Moscow highways just like a Russian truck, primarily on the Moscow Ring Road. A foreign carrier and truck can issue a temporary pass for 5 days (no more than 2 passes per month for one car). Our company "Edu s propuskom" helps to obtain truck’s passes without refusals for more than 5 years on the truck market.

Get the pass for foreign trucks on Moscow Ring Road

For trucks with foreign registration numbers that transit through Moscow ring road companies can obtain a temporary pass

Temporary pass is valid for 5 calendar days


We can prepare the Contract for your company if needed

price - 70$ / 60€ / 5000 rub

Please contact us in English - info@propuskanamkad.ru or leave a request

- на 5 дней - на 12 месяцев - проверить пропуск - экологический класс (6)

Who need a Moscow pass for trucks?

  • For logistics companies, carriers, for any business transit to Moscow, periodically or one-time 
  • for owners of trucks from other countries

What kind of freight transport needs a pass?

  • All foreign trucks - more than 3.5 tons to 12 tons, more than 12 tons to 32 tons, and more than 32 tons that transits to Moscow through the Moscow Ring Road.

Advice: please send us car documents in 3-4 working days before the truck will transits Moscow city highways

How fast can you issue your pass for a truck?

No more than 2 working days. Applications are checked by the Moscow department of transport during working hours.

For instance: if you submit on Friday evening -  the application will be considered not earlier than Monday evening, please remember this.

How many days the truck pass will be valid?

5 calendar days in the zones specified from your application

Please contact us in English - info@propuskanamkad.ru or leave a request

In what day time the pass will be valid: night or day?

Please choose in your the application appropriate time of your transporting on Moscow city highways:

Day time: 7 a.m - 11 p.m  Moscow time

Night time: 11 p.m - 7 a.m  Moscow time

Remember: if you need to get a separate pass for day and night - you need two passes

- на 5 дней - на 12 месяцев - проверить пропуск - экологический класс (7)

Please send us your scans in good quality :

  • registration car certificate - all sides
  • CMR
  • Also - in the body of the email - addresses of loading / unloading the car in Moscow and points of entry to the Moscow Ring Road, the intersection of the Moscow Ring Road with the highway

Please send these to our email - info@propuskamkad.ru

Phone us : +7 495 128 9169, +7 930 943 2221

What are the fines for traveling without a pass?

The fine is 5,000 rubles (70$), the fine comes from cameras that record all truck licenses on the Moscow Ring Road, and check them in the goverment register. There are many such cameras and after each - new fine comes. Without a pass, a truck can get 50-60 000 rubles of fines per day or more.

I still have questions, where to go?

Please send a request, we text you back as soon as possible, our consultation is free.

We help people and companies obtain legal pass for truck on Moscow road MKAD, SK and TTK

A permit pass for a truck to Moscow - needed if I transit from countries: Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz Republic, Azerbaijan Republic, Ukraine, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Mongolia, China, North Korea and others